Sampling Tours

What can a Sampling Tour include?

  • Bespoke vehicles or trailers to suit your needs
  • Fully wrapped unit in your branding
  • Generator, bins, water and anything else you may need
  • Delivery to your location (and to each location if you're doing a multiple stop tour)
  • On site assistance and maintenance
  • Tear down and removal of the vehicle once done

Why should we use you for our Sampling Tour?

We’ve helped to manage many Sampling Tours for some big brands. Everything from simpler 1 stop tours like Quorn’s annual marketing push at Tesco HQ to more complex tours like the Vegetarian Society’s recent 7 cities in 7 days tour that took us all over the United Kingdom.

We can provide a catering unit that matches your exact specifications. We don’t just give you a unit that we have in stock, we will custom fit the unit with the exact equipment you need for your catering tour. We can even custom convert a vehicle for you if there is a specific one you want to use.

We take care of all the branding of the unit for you and can provide you with as many extras as you need; generators, bins, water, you name it.

Lastly, we can provide all the logistics and support you may need. We can drive the unit to your location (and to extra locations if you’re doing a multi-stop sampling tour) and at the end we can take it down and remove the unit for you. We can also stay on site with you for the duration of your tour to provide assistance and maintenance should you need it.