Drivable Catering

Drivable Catering

Fully drivable catering vehicles like vans and lorries.

Drivable catering units serve 2 main purposes… they can be larger and better equipped than a standard catering trailer and provide a solution for people who don’t have a driving licence that includes trailers but wish to start a catering business.

Why choose Drivable Catering?

Our drivable catering units can be custom fitted for your exact needs. We can fit out vans and lorries of your choice and equip them with everything you need for your particular business, be that an oven, grill, coffee machine, potato oven… anything you’re likely to need we’re able to install.

All of our catering vehicles can be fully customised in your branding and colour scheme and if needed we can provide logistics should you need to get your catering unit to and from events.

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