Case Study: Working With

We provided Quorn with fully kitted trailers annually for their promotional campaigns outside Tesco HQ

Quorn approached us 3 years ago to assist with their annual promotional campaign where they take their new products to Tesco HQ and hand them out for free to the staff.

They asked us to provide the catering unit, specific equipment inside, the branding for the unit and power supply. On top of these we also delivered it to the site for them, helped them to take care of it for the day and stayed on site incase any issues were to arise. Once their campaign was done we also removed the unit for them as requested.

Quorn were so happy with our service that we’ve been working with them on this campaign for the past 3 years now.

A fully managed sampling tour

Quorn is a great example of one of our sampling tours. We can provide as little or as much input as you require for your campaign be that just a catering van in your branding or a full package like Quorn have each year.

See the transformation

Quorn Catering Trailer Before Quorn Catering Trailer After